1. Garlic Lobster & Spring Vegetables
  2. Asparagus, Ricotta & Wild Mushroom Ravioli
  3. Lemon Tart
Only Chefs of Quality & Consistent proffesional performance,
Can work For Blue Top Personnel.

Self Employed chefs are aslo assessed for temporary work.

Average performing Chefs may not make it with Blue Top. Working interviews are available.




Our Clients Report consistently that our rates are the lowest and our Chefs are extremely proffesional & reliable.

Establishing a reputation for the supply of excellent level chefs around the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire

Request a full list of our fantastic rates.


Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to review:
  • Food cost % & GP - costing dishes against sales & offering guidance for maximising profit.
  •  Allergen advice & administration.
  •  Menu planning advice with free Seasonal food guides.
Please go to STAFFING NEEDS > staffing rquirements,  to request a consultation.
(This is a  popular request so book now: based on availability)